Neo-Transposer helps you to automatically transpose the chords of Song of numbers so they match your voice. Type your e-mail, follow the steps and it will transpose all the songs of the Neocatechumenal Way for you!

Song of numbers

These two transpositions match your voice (they are equivalent). The first one has easier chords:

Em with capo 2
(same chords as in the book)
Dm with capo 4
Em Dm
Am Gm
B7 A7

This other transposition, though a bit lower, may probably fit better the people of the assembly. Learn more

Em no capo
(same chords as in the book)
Your voice: B → F# +2 oct Change

Show voice chart

Your voice:   B1 ████████████████████████████████████ F#3
Original chords:   B1 ████████████████████████████ D3
Transposed:     C#2 ████████████████████████████ E3
Adjusted for people:   B1 ████████████████████████████ D3